Russel Peter Kramer (1925-2006) was the 41st president of the US in the comedy My Fellow Americans(Film).

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Russel with his arch enemy Matt Douglas.

Early LifeEdit

Born in Ohio in 1925,he started working at a very young age and was taught by his father to always too save and not spend his money.His Dad wasa Republican voter and he soon got an interest in politics.

Early Political LifeEdit

Kramer was a Republican voter since he was 18 and he would proudly brag that he "Never Voted for no Democrat". Hesoon began rasing money for Republican Senators and gained Ohio Republicans' interest.


in June of 1955 after buliding up his law firm he decided to run for the Senate and he was well liked

and respected in his home state. He easily won and he served several terms and decided to run for president.

Red-Kramer Blue -Frank Tocco

Republican NominationEdit

In 1991 Kramer easily secured the nomination with his Vice President William Hanney.


Kramer had a difficult campaign as it looked like Democrat Matt Douglas could defeat him.but his homes state of Ohio decided the election it's 20 electoral votes helped him win the presidency late

into the night.

Blue won by Douglas/Johnon Red won by Kramer/Hanney

Presidency 1980-1984Edit

Presidential Suite, The White House, Washington D.C.

The White House during Kramer's term.

Domestic issuesEdit

After race riots in Detroit and Los Angeles he sent federal troops to both of those cities. during his term the ecnomy falied and unemployment began to rise.He released seeral econmic stimulius bills that were overturned by the Democratic congress.

Foreign PolicyEdit

He was good freinds with the Italian president and French Prime minister.He also made relations

better with China and Russia.
Jack lemon

Kramer on a visit to Greece.

Election of 1984Edit

Due to a terrible ecnomy and unemplyoment Democrat Matt Douglas won

in a landslide.

A huge defeat for Republicans Kramer even lost his home state of Ohio.

Post PresidencyEdit

After both of thier terms had ended Douglas and Kramer managed to expose a scandal by Bill Hanney and forced him to resign.

Election of 1992Edit

Kramer and Douglas became good friends and ran as Independents in 1992.They did not

win but preformed very well.

Red -Republican Blue- Democrat Yellow- Independent


he died of a heart in 2006.

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